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Do you speak the VC language?

There is a massive gap between what startup founders understand and what investors usually mean in the process of pitching. To bridge the gap Koalition team constantly creates content, like our Youtube New Leaders Show for example. And today in a humorous way we want to translate some of the common responses that VC gives startup founders and the meaning behind them. Ready? Let's go.

The response: It's not a fit for us. How to read: Son, I don't get whatcha doing..and it looks like you have no idea either.

The response: We will pass on this opportunity.

How to read: I don't see enough market and you don't look like people who can create it.

The response: Let's stay in touch.

How to read: Right now this seems like a pass, but if somebody famous invests I'll follow blindly.

The response: Send me your deck.

How to read: I think it's not worth my time, so I'll forward it to my analyst and he/she will look when get some spare time.

The response: Keep me up on your updates.

How to read: Keep me up on your updates, for God's sake!

Founders and VCs are often driven by different intentions and are coming from completely different backgrounds. It's not a surprise you can always get lost in translation, but we hope our content will help you be more confident and successful in your fundraising! Subscribe to receive updates.

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